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  • Camila Alves

    A dancer since I can remember, it was finally at 17 that I found out about forró and its whole world. I soon started teaching and haven’t stopped since then, travelling the world and meeting wonderful people along the way.

    I was fortunate enough to meet Rita in one of my trips (can I say that I don’t even remember when that was? When I came to realise the magnitude of this friendship we were already drinking Baileys, inside her jacuzzi on her Swiss balcony and watching Game of Thrones. Yep. Epic evening.) and only true Portuguese girls living away from their countries say to each other “if you lived here I would be so much happier”.

    In between small projects, somehow we knew we would do something bigger together one day. An idea was created and it could only come to life with her.

    My forró journey keeps me in close contact with all our clients to make sure we deliver the best dancing outfits, trying my best not to keep them all to myself!

    I am also a Business Management with Marketing graduate living my biggest dream, combining family, friends and my both careers in great style (pun intended) and with love, always.