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  • Rita Morais

    I’m a UX designer, solution designer full time. I work in a very big corporate world and teach forró on the side. I started dancing when I was 16, tried a little bit of everything, but stayed around in the european folk community for almost 10 years until I found forró. Or let’s say, forró found me.

    I met Camila very early in my forró journey and we clicked right away, her strength and power really resonated with my Porto blood, and it was obvious, big things were about to happen.

    Not only did Camila help me with my dancing as she does to hundreds and hundreds of people, she also pulled me into this adventure, to mitigate a big big gap we have here in Europe! Where to get good forró clothes/shoes/accessories etc. Let’s say Camila is the passion I’m the rational and together worked very hard to bring you XX!

    We hope you love it as much as we do!