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  • How are Xiado products made?

    Xiado Products

    are created & made
    with love


    It’s really important to us that our clients know where their products come from and specially how they are made. We are not just aware of that but super proud of how every single item is made. Main ingredient: Love.

    Handmade, vegan, eco-friendly, sustainable and socially responsible are aspects of Xiado that make us sleep at night.

    Let’s go on this journey together! Find out how your favourite pieces are made!


    Our dresses, tops, trousers and skirts

    Step 1

    First we dream. Then we design and test all the future products. How do we test them? On the dance floor of course!

    Step 2

    We search and choose the best fabrics. Oh, and we also get way too excited about velvet, sparkles and fluffy fabrics that no one will ever wear on the dance floor. Fortunately we have one another to bring each other back to reality.

    Step 3

    Our seamstresses make them (with so much love!) and advise us on technical improvements.

    Step 4

    You wear them and our jaws ALWAYS drop when we see you dancing. You never fail to amaze us with your creativity in finding new ways to wear our goodies!

    There’s no secret to how we do what we do. We follow our hearts and listen to what you have to say. That’s the magic formula. We love to have the “power” to imagine a piece and fight until we make that a reality.

    The first thing in our priorities’ list is to create something that is actually going to work on the dance floor. Then, we start the creative process with our seamstresses (bless them!). Sometimes we spend hours with them figuring out ways of making a more versatile and original piece.  We thank them for their experience, know-how and willingness to produce quality products.

    We truly value the workmanship that goes into our products, this means lower production quantities and of course higher production prices.


    Our Sweaters

    Step 1

    We put our ideas into action and design the new collection. We select the best partners to get our products. Our sweaters come from a UK eco-conscientious brand.

    Step 2

    Then, we decide on the best placement of the print.

    Step 3

    We take the hoodies to be screen-printed in Lisbon, supporting another small business!

    Step 4

    You wear them! (and look amazing!)

    Living in cold Europe, having hoodies in our collection was a must. It was also really cool if we could get them to be 100% recycled. Mission accomplished! We take them to be screen-printed at our friend’s studio, so we can also follow the process and support another small business!


    Our forró shoes

    Step 1

    Our biggest dream has always been to have shoes. First we decide which ones we’ll have in our collection. Then we figure out how.

    Step 2

    We cross Portugal and travel North to visit the factory. There, we choose fabrics, materials and learn more about this industry.

    Step 3

    After receiving the prototype, we adjust what requires any improvement and we make the final touches, such as the placement of our logo.

    Step 4

    Straight to the dance floor, ready to be put on and help you achieve your best lines and turns!

    Creating a shoe collection is by far the most complicated and expensive thing ever (we had no idea and probably you’re in the same situation), but it’s definitely worth it. Portugal is known for making high quality shoes and it was vital for our business that we honoured that part of our culture. We will definitely continue improving and creating different collections!


    Our print tshirts and tops

    Step 1

    Think… think… what would forrozeiros wear? We spend most of our time in ideation, designing something we LOVE!

    Step 2

    We search for the best and most versatile products for you, we work with Portuguese and Spanish brands.

    Step 3

    We take the pictures of the products!

    Step 4

    You wear them (and look amazing)!

    We have a lot of fun creating our printed pieces. It’s all about understanding what forrozeiros would love to wear. Catchy sentences, nice designs, different and original ideas. After being certain that the idea works, we order them from a Portuguese company and we make sure that the materials come from a social responsible source.

    After the delivery, we set everything ready for the photoshoot! Sometimes we have a professional photographer taking them but most of the times we do the job (pat on the back. We do it well) and we LOVE it! It’s so much fun! It’s important for Xiado that we embrace all colours, shapes & sizes. Sometimes we have professional models, sometimes it’s our friends who suffer, but hey! They are treated like queens and kings :)

    Do you have a question for us?

    We are always trying our best to be transparent and give you good quality products that are responsibly made. If you want more information or want to say hi! Feel free to write to us!

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