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    Dear forrozeir@,

    we not only want you to feel beautiful, confident and comfortable – we also want you to feel safe. If you buy one of our items online, we’ll ask you for some information about you so that we can complete the transaction. And we assure you that we’re 100% committed to protecting this information and use it in a fair way.

    Below is a description of how we’re going to use and protect your information. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

    Thank you so much for supporting us and enchanting the dance floor with your amazing moves!

    See you around in the world and on the dancefloor,

    Xiado da Xinela team

    How we use your information

    When buying our products (yay!!):

    • What? When you buy our products, you’ll give us some information about you. We’ll use this information to complete your transaction and deliver the products you bought. We promise – this will be the only way we will use this information, and we’ll delete it after we no longer need it. Also, we won’t share your information with anyone else or any other company.
    • When? A transaction might take a while – we calculated a maximum three months if, for example, there is any problem in your product and we need to fix it. We may however need to retain your information for a bit longer, but we’ll always delete it at the end.

    When sending us pictures of your ~gorgeous~ self using our products:

    • What? No matter whether you’re at a party, workshop, festival or simply hanging out – we’re always excited to see you shining when using our products. We’ll be super happy when you send us your pictures, and we’ll ask you whether you’re happy for us to share them in our website, Instagram account, Facebook page, printed materials, etc. We’ll only use these pictures if you agree for us to do so, and you can at any time ask us to no longer use them :) Tag us with #XiadodaXinela!
    • When? We’ll store your pictures safely for an undetermined period of time, but do let us know if you’d like us to delete them and we’ll do it straight away!

    When subscribing to our newsletters:

    • What? We’ll provide you with an option to subscribe to our newsletters – after all, you may want to be on top of our latest product releases, blog posts and info about forró festivals :) We’ll need your email address to send you our newsletters, and we’ll provide you with an option to unsubscribe to it as well if you no longer wish to receive the newsletter. And, again, we won’t share this information with anyone else or any other company.
    • When? When you unsubscribe to our newsletter, we’ll delete your email from our databases, unless we still need this email to complete a transaction you might have made with us. 

    What you can do – your rights

    • You can ask us to send you a copy of your information and pictures
    • You can ask us to amend your details (for instance, when you change your address)
    • You can ask us to stop using your information, or stop using your pictures in our website and social media
    • You can ask us to delete your information and pictures from our database
    • You can ask us to send a copy of your information to another company 
    • You can lodge a complaint with the data protection supervisory authority of your country in Europe if you’re unhappy with how we used your information (but please please come and talk to us first, we are always keen to solve any problems we might have with you!)

    How to contact us

    We really hope you’re happy with our products and the way we use and protect your information. If you have any questions or complaints, we’ll be standing ready and happy to answer and solve them.

    You can contact us in many ways:

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