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    Forrozeiros, we know how much you all want dancing shoes!

    As you may imagine, the work, time & investment to make them is R-E-A-L, but it has always been a personal dream for us to have a shoe collection! So… we decided to go for it!

    Yep. Totally from scratch. (Call us crazy, but whatevs)

    Vegan and Handmade!

    Ecological and SUPER comfortable

    We use materials that would otherwise be thrown away to produce our shoes!

    This means they are all limited edition. They are designed and tested by the Xiado team, specially for forró!

    We worked in close contact with factories in Portugal, choosing materials, shapes and the best designs just for you.

    We created a comfortable, cute and environmentally friendly shoe that will hopefully be the cure to your dance floor problems (well, the technique part of the dance we leave it to the teachers! :P)

    We are using re utilized materials that would go to waste, all vegan, made in Portugal and Spain.

    Spread the word, share our content and, yes, wear them with style!