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    Camila Alves

    We can’t even believe we are writing this blog post! It’s so unreal to think about how everything started, how quickly it has gone by and what we have done until this important day! Crazy.

    Many of you know us from the Forró scene. Two girls who are very present in the community, either by teaching, attending events or participating in controversial topics all over the internet. Yep, we are like that! We fight for our rights, we want big changes and we make it happen. If not for us, then for everyone else who doesn’t have a voice. That was basically the idea behind this shop.

    Xiado da Xinela came from the premise of providing the community with products that we love and that we believe will help forrozeir@s all over the world on the dance floor. Then, we thought how powerful this platform would be to share ideas, interesting content and everything that could help Forró become a healthier and safer environment.
    For that we will have our blog section, with articles written by us and by anyone who has something relevant to say, so feel free to send over some material! Also, you will be able to download for free a few texts written by people that we admire and that deserve a shout out.

    Now for the fun part: the products! Ok, we are no experts in this retail business (we will be, one day!). We know how to dance and how to share our knowledge, but we know what we need when we’re dancing!

    We know which materials will work best for a specific product and we know what the dance floor requires. Having said that, we want you to know that we will never give up on trying to improve the quality, the design, the logistics and the ideas of our products in a transparent manner. But we need you! We need you to be patient, to give us feedback, to understand that before anything what’s important to us is that you’re happy with what we’ve been doing.

    We are learning so much! Everything is so much more complicated than what we anticipated, but this is SO-MUCH-FUN! We are loving every bit of the way.
    It is also important to us that Xiado da Xinela shop shows the quality of Portuguese products and the Portuguese soul. But more than that, we commit to showing the world what Forró is, how it has changed so many lives and that it deserves a super special place in the walk of Art. Will you help us achieving that?

    This is yet a small community, and all of our potential clients are all our friends, but we take this super seriously and we want you to know that we appreciate your support, we appreciate your help and we appreciate your love. For us and for Forró.

    You guys are amazing.

    Much love,


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